Start Your Own Air Plant Tillandsias Business

If you would like to start your own business, creating your own settings, we will be happy to supply you with air plants, and anything you would need to get you started.

This is the perfect business for anyone who is creative, and likes to work in their own time.

To ensure the success of your Air Plant / Tillandsia business, you must learn how to care for the plants. Therefore, it is extremely important that you read our FAQ on how to care for air plants.

There is always a learning curve when starting a new business or selling a new product, so it is possible you may lose a few plants in the beginning. But the sooner you learn to properly care for the plants, allowing you to offer healthy, high quality plants, the more profitable your business will become.

People can start selling their settings at Craft Shows, Home & Garden Shows. You can sell them loose, or mounted on driftwood, branches, stones, shells, figurines, etc. Your imagination is the limit.

Tillandsias are easy to grow and easy to sell. After all, all they need is air, water and light!

If you are interested, please Contact Us and we will help you with any further questions you may have and discuss your needs.