SKU: K180

A very popular, robust variety with fine hairs covering the leaves to give a silvery finish. Caput is happy to grow any which way you choose, whichis why it is often the plant we use hanging upside down in the urchin shells to create an air plant ‘Jelly Fish’! Requiring minimal fuss and moderate light it is especially good for beginners. However the plant responds well to good care and if it receives plenty of light, water and feed it will reward the grower with more rapid growth, larger flower spikes and more ‘pups’. At flowering time flat cherry-red, spear-like flower spikes are produced with purple tubular flowers appearing at the edges. When grown well it is possible to develop a clump of these curly leaved plants that truly resembles Medusa’s head!

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 10 cm

Medium, Large

Light Required Moderate